The Seven Key Signs of an ICO Scam

If you’re considering investing in an ICO, it’s critical that you perform your due diligence on the platform and ensure that it doesn’t present any fraudulent characteristics. CryptoSlate published a guide, in which Sam Town — a freelance journalist, digital nomad, and crypto enthusiast — broke down the seven most obvious red flags that an initial coin offering might be fraudulent to help you make informed investment decisions and protect yourself from exit scams.

According to Sam Town, the red flags are:

  1. Poor Online Presence
  2. Guaranteed Profits
  3. Solutionism
  4. Empty GitHub Repositories
  5. No White Paper, Bad White Papers, or Blatantly Plagiarized White Papers
  6. Shady Premines
  7. No Roadmap or Unrealistic Roadmaps

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