ICO investment guide to review before you leap

App Developer Magazine published a guide of what to look for when considering an ICO Investment that might keep you from regretting it.

When considering an ICO Investment, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the ICO have its team present on a Linked In page? Are the Linked In pages of established team members completely filled out and legitimate looking?
  • Does the ICO have a full legal compliance section in the whitepaper? Have you read it and does it measure up against those of successful ICO’s?
  • Does the ICO present its token as either having profit-sharing, equity-sharing, or automatic payouts of additional tokens? If so it may be a non-compliant security token.
  • Does the ICO present a real, scalable solution to a tangible, common problem?
  • Does the ICO have an active community on Telegram, Discord and/or Bitcointalk.org?

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